About Me


I was born in Vancouver Washington, USA. I grew up in West Seattle on the beach front. My started Violin when I was 6 years old under the studies of “Suzuki Method”. When I was 14 years old, my violin teacher asked me if I wanted to visit Matsumoto, Japan and study under the world famous Dr. Suzuki at his institute. Of course I said yes and worked directly with Suzuki-san for 2 months.

I loved Japan so much, I applied for an exchange scholarship when I was 17 and re-visited Japan for another year. This time I was studying culture and language. At a very young age, I was already transforming myself as part Japanese and part American.

After I graduated from West Seattle High School, I went to Hawaii Pacific Univerity in Liberal Arts. I got very intested in computers and bought myself an Apple 2. I started programing and creating games in Basic. I took courses in asemply langugage, Corbol and Fortran and wanted to major in Computer Science. Unfornuately, there was no option to major in this field at that time.

As soon as I graduated, I moved right away to Japan and started my advance Japanese studies with a 2 year culture visa. During this time, I made connections with a Japanese Computer Engineer and soon joined his company as a programmer.



I joined in a small Japanese computer company and started learning C language. I stayed in Japan and moved up the ladder as an Engineer via several companies. In the early 1990s I worked for Canon and Steve Job’s NeXT workstation as Sale and Support engineer. I got interested in networking but the “Internet” was not around yet. I joined a company called “AdamNet” of Mitsui Bussan and starting working with routers and advance network protocol configurations.  I then moved on as a Network, Server and Desktop engineer for Estee Lauder. Finally, I am now working for CSC Japan as Senior engineer lead for several outside clients as Sevice Delivery Manager and Technical support.


Transhumanist Activity

  • Owner of FB “Transhuman Timeline”
  • Owner of FB “Future News”
  • Longevity Party Japan – Lead – FB Group
  • Humanity+ Member

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